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Solution to the Problem: 64-bit Applications Unable to Access TWAIN WIA Scanners on 64bit OS

64bit applications (for example, C# VB.NET WinForms WPF and Java Swing JavaFX applications) become more and more common, the fact that most TWAIN scanners are not accessible to 64bit applications makes users less productive. Many developers share their disappointments over poor support of TWAIN on 64bit OS all over the tech forums. Below will explain the cause of the problem and propose a solution.

The Reason Why TWAIN Scanners Don't Show Up in 64-Bit Applications

TWAIN Working Group provides both 32bit and 64bit data source managers (DSM). By default, Windows OS (from XP to Window 10) ships only the 32bit DSM dll. A naive solution will be copying over the 64bit DSM dll and link 64bit applications to it. However, it won't work.

Why? The majority of the scanner device vendors (HP, Fujitsu, Canon, etc) provide 32bit TWAIN drivers only - thus most scanners will not be accessible in 64bit DSM.

Solution: Asprise TWAIN Scan SDK: Enable 64bit Applications to Access 32bit TWAIN Scanners

While many our competitors claim support for 64bit applications, usually there are fine prints like "only works for 64bit TWAIN drivers". In theory, it is OK, but you'll never find 64bit TWAIN drivers (with an exception or two). At Asprise, we eat our own dog food and we determined to solve the problem. Teaming up with leading software gurus, we finally made it possible.

The final solutions are here: Asprise C# VB.NET TWAIN Scanning SDK enables both 64bit and 32bit Windows Forms, WPF, Sliverlight and ActiveX applications to access scanners and Asprise Java TWAIN Scanning SDK does the same for Java Swing JavaFX applications.

With a superior patent pending technology, Asprise Scanning SDK provides a seamless set of scanning API by unifies 64bit and 32bit TWAIN access. As a developer, you are free to choose 64bit and/or 32bit without worry TWAIN scanning integration ever.

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Download Java TWAIN Scanning SDK for 64bit and 32bit JVM | Read developer's guide

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