C# .NET OCR and Barcode Recognition

High performance, royalty-free C# .NET OCR and barcode recognition on Windows 32bit and 64bit

C# .NET OCR Demos


    Programming with Asprise OCR is very straightforward. Below is the typical source code sample in Java to recognize images:

    import com.asprise.ocr.Ocr
    Ocr.setUp(); // one time setup
    Ocr ocr = new Ocr(); // create a new OCR engine
    ocr.startEngine("eng", Ocr.SPEED_FASTEST); // English
    String s = ocr.recognize(new File[] {new File("test.png")},
    System.out.println("Result: " + s);

    With the below sample input image:

    Extract Text and Barcodes in Plain Text Format

    Asprise OCR and Barcode Recognition
    High performance, royalty-free OCR and barcode recognition on Windows,
    ISBN-l3, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 39, Code 128, PDF417, and QR Code.
    [[QR-Code: www.asprise.com]]
    [[CODE-128: Asprise]].

    XML Format Provides Information Like Confidence and Coordinates

    If you need additional information like accuracy confidence and text coordinates, you can select XML output format: ocr.recognize(new File[] {new File("test.png")}, Ocr.RECOGNIZE_TYPE_ALL, Ocr.OUTPUT_FORMAT_XML):

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <asprise-ocr input="test.png">
      <page no="1" width="2400" height="3200" words="122" confidence="88">
        <block type="text" x="321" y="254" width="1438" height="76" words="5" confidence="86">
    Asprise OCR and Barcode Recognition
        <block type="barcode" subtype="QR-Code" x="1397" y="1484" width="441" height="441" confidence="1">www.asprise.com</block>
        <block type="barcode" subtype="CODE-128" x="348" y="1489" width="583" height="145" confidence="34">Asprise</block>

    Searchable PDF Combines Original Image and Recognized Text Perfectly

    Asprise OCR can generate searchable PDF as the output: ocr.recognize(new File[] {new File("test.png")}, Ocr.RECOGNIZE_TYPE_ALL, Ocr.OUTPUT_FORMAT_PDF, Ocr.PROP_PDF_OUTPUT_FILE, "searchable.pdf", Ocr.PROP_PDF_OUTPUT_TEXT_VISIBLE, true):

    Click here to view the output PDF with recognized text highlighted

    The text in above PDF has been highlighted in orange color. To make it transparent/invisible, you simply unset the flag: ...Ocr.PROP_PDF_OUTPUT_TEXT_VISIBLE, false). Click here to view searchable PDF with invisible text.

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