Demo: C# [C Sharp] .NET OCR API library SDK component control with free trial download and source code can be obtained through licensing

Demos of Asprise OCR SDK for C# [C Sharp] .NET

The OCR user interface tool

After you have downloaded and installed the SDK. You can run the sample project as shown in the screen shot below. The sample project enables you to load, acquire and perform OCR on the selected image. The results are then displayed on the result panel.

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Demo UI


Demo 1: Recognizing both characters and bar codes

Input image:


Asprise OCR
Speed. Accuracy.

The first line is extracted from the barcode. Note the content of the barcode is enclosed in a '[]' pair.

Demo 2: Recognizing characters from scanned document (200dpi)

Input image:

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Asprise OCR SDK

Asprise OCR SDK library for enables you to equip your applications with optical
character recognition (OCR) ability.

Features of Asprise OCR include=
' Highest Level ofAccuracy - Asprise OCR can easily recognize di icult documents
ofpoor image quality;
' Excellent Format Retention - Te layouts on the input documents are preserved;
' High Speed - Asprise OCR uses optimized OCR engine to perform excellent
recognition in very short time;
' Ease ofUse - We strive to make the developer's life easier. Complex parameter
confi rations are removed from Asprise OCR SDK. You only have to supply the
image document. Asprise OCR can intelligently determine the best setting internally.
' Barcode Reco ition - Beside characters (letters and numbers), Asprise OCR can
recognize almost every kind ofbar code. You can choose to recognize barcode or
characters or both.
' Flexible Licensing Scheme - You can purchase binary APIs or source code - the
Lowest OCR libra ownership cost!

As you can see above, the characters are recognized accurately and the layout are preserved.

You can download the SDK and run more demos.

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