Acquire images from scanners and digital cameras on Linux/Unix


  1. Is there any difference between the trial version and full version?
    The trial version offers most the functions of the licensed version. According to the evaluation license agreement, developers are not allowed to distribute software using a trial version of JSANE.
  2. What platforms does JSANE support?
    JSANE runs on any platform as long as Java is supported on that platform. JSane is able to acquire images from computer running on:
    • AIX;
    • BeOS
    • Darwin
    • FreeBSD
    • HP-UX
    • Linux
    • NetBSD
    • OpenBSD
    • OS2
    • Solaris
    • Unixware
    • Windows

    The following chart shows how JSANE works:

    [JSANE on computer 1] <------ (network) ------> [SANE net daemon on computer 2]---[Scanners, cameras]

    Note that usually computer 1 and computer 2 are the same computer.

  3. Do I need to start the SANE net daemon manually when i open the acquisition dialog?
    No. You do not have to. Before bring up the dialog, you can configure the initial connection policy to CP_START_SANED_LOCALHOST. If the SANE net daemon is on, JSANE connections and selects the first device. Otherwise, JSANE try to execute a command to turn on the SANE net daemon. After the dialog disposes, the SANE net daemon will be closed only if the dialog opens the SANE net daemon. For more details, please read the developer's guide.
  4. High performance: My scanner supports ADF, is JSANE capable of ADF?
    Yes. However, only ADVANCED developer license version and FULL SOURCE SITE license version support ADF.
  5. If I develop an application using JSANE, how can I package and distribute it?
    With JSANE, application packaging and distribution are made very easy. Developers only have to include one file: jsane.jar.
  6. What version of Java is required for JSANE?
    Java version 1.2 or above.
  7. Can I use JSANE in my Applet/Application/Web Application?
    Yes. JSANE can be used in Java applets, java applications, web applications, etc. Our support team assists licensees to deploy JSANE if necessary.
  8. Is it possible to save scanned images into TIFF files?
    Yes. You can use our Asprise Java TIFF Library to save images into TIFF files.
  9. What's the different between acquiring images from a digital camera and a scanner?
    From the developer's point view, there is no difference. The same set of APIs can be called to perform image acquisition from digital cameras and scanners. Unified API by JSANE.
  10. What kinds of devices are supported by SANE?
    Click here for the complete list.