Java PDF Reader/Writer Library/Component/API

Create, manipulate (read and write), disassemble PDF files easily.

Extract Text for PDF Files with Asprise Java PDF Reader (with Text Extract)/Writer Library

Sample code:

import com.asprise.util.pdf.PDFReader;

PDFReader reader = new PDFReader(new File("my.pdf"));; // open the file.
int pages = reader.getNumberOfPages();

for(int i=0; i < pages; i++) {
   String text = reader.extractTextFromPage(i);
   System.out.println("Page " + i + ": " + text);

 ... // perform other operations on pages.

reader.close(); // finally, close the file.

Text Extraction for PDF file Using Java In Action:

For example, the following PDF file:

results the following extracted text

Java PDF Read Write Extract Text: Reader/Writer/Extract Text Library...

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Java PDF Reader/Writer/Text Extract Library/Component/API
Asprise offers PDF writer and reader library (with text extact function) as valued add-on to our
flagship products – Asprise OCR & JTwain. Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format widely
used for all kinds of documents. With Asprise Java PDF library, you can easily create, manipulate
(read and write), disassemble PDF files easily. You can also use it to extract text and then index
the text extracted for search. By using this library and Asprise OCR engine, now you can OCR
images stored in PDF files.
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Developer's Guide to Asprise PDF Library

For more details on Asprise PDF library, please read Developer's Guide or view the Javadoc.

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