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Asprise OCR v4.0

Embeded with a high performance OCR (optical character recognition) engine, Asprise OCR SDK library for Java, VB.NET, CSharp.NET, VC++, VB6.0, C, C++, Delphi on Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris, enables you to equip your applications with OCR ability easily.

Features of Asprise OCR include:

  • Highest Level of Accuracy - Asprise OCR can easily recognize difficult documents of poor image quality;
  • Excellent Format Retention - Text layouts on the input documents are preserved;
  • High Speed - Asprise OCR uses optimized OCR engine to perform excellent recognition in very short time;
  • Ease of Use - We strive to make the developer's life easier. Complex parameter configurations are removed from Asprise OCR SDK. You only have to supply the image document. Asprise OCR can intelligently determine the best setting internally.
  • Barcode Recognition - Beside characters (letters and numbers), Asprise OCR can recognize almost every kind of bar code. You can choose to recognize barcode or characters or both.
  • Flexible Licensing Scheme - You can purchase binary APIs and/or source code - the Lowest OCR library ownership cost!
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