JImageDialog: Java Image Acquisition/Editor UI Components v1.0 - JImageDialog, JImageFileChooser

JImageDialog: Java Image Editor/Importer

JImageDialog - the flexible image acquiring/loading/editing combo UI component

Click here to find out how to use JImageDialog as a TIFF viewer in your Java applications/applets.

JImageDialog is an image acquisition UI component that allows the user to load images and to perform basic image editing tasks. If you are developing some applications that require the user to select/edit/input images, then JImageDialog will make your life extremely easy - and more importantly, the user experience will be improved dramatically.
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Let say you want to build an album application, the user is required to supply photos(ie. images). You put a button on your panel. When the user click the button, JImageDialog is brought up now the user can select existing pictures files from his or her computer or acquire images from digital cameras or scanners. And the user can edit images before putting them into the album.

The user can load images from local computer or the web, he or she can also acquire images from digital cammeras and scanners. After the image has been loaded, the user can rotate, clip, flip, and scale the image. The image has been loaded and edited, the user can save the image or select the image - which will be used in your applications.


Easy to use


JImageDialog dialog = new JImageDialog(frame, "Sample", true); // Modal dialog
BufferedImage image = dialog.showDialog();

More advantage settings can be found in the developers' guide.

NEW: Informer.com has created of a video demo of JImageDialog.

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