Java Image Acquisition/Editor UI Components v1.0 - JImageDialog, JImageFileChooser

Java Image Acquisition/Editor UI Components

Embed Image Acquisition UI Components into Your Java Application to Achieve Better User Experience.

If you are developing some applications that require the user to select/edit/input images, then Image Acquisition UI Components (The UI Components) will make your life extremely easy - and more importantly, the user experience will be improved dramatically. Currently the following components are available:

JImageDialog & JImageFileChooser    Click to enlarge ...
  • JImageDialog - an image acquisition UI component that allows the user to load images and to perform basic image editing tasks.

  • Java Tiff Viewer - Use JImageDialog to View & Edit TIFF Files in Java Applications/Applets.

  • JFileChooser - An extended JFileChooser that supports image preview and image information extraction.

Reasons to use Image Acquisition UI Components

  1. High quality UI components improve end-user experience
  2. FREE! *
  3. Truly platform independent
  4. Multiple file formats supported.
    The UI Components Support Adobe Photoshop *.psd; Bitmap, Windows/OS2 *.bmp, *.dib; Cursor *.cur; Graphics Interchange Format *.gif; Icon *.ico; JPEG *.jpg, *.jpeg; Macintosh PICT Format *.pict, *.pct; PCX Format *.pcx; Portable Network Graphics *.png; Sun Raster Format *.ras; Tag Image File Format *.tif, *tiff; Targa *.tga; X Bitmap *.xbm; X PixMap *.xpm regardless of OSs and Java runtimes!

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