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BlogCollector®: Backup your blog. Publish your blog into a book!

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As the entry formats of various blog providers are keep changing, we are in the progress of updating the software. You can not order BlogCollector until the new version is released. We are sorry that we can not give a date for this. Thank you for your understanding.

BlogCollector v2.0 Released [May 2007]
  • Support for New Blogger/Blogspot
  • Re-publish entries to other blogs - migrate your blog to a new one

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Backup Your Blog Before It is too Late: You have spent a lot of time as well as effort to keep running a successful blog. We know your ideas, your stories, and your thoughts are priceless. Wouldn't it be a disaster that one day all your blog entries are gone due to a hack attack or hardware failure on your blogging service provider? Use BlogCollector to backup all your blogs before it is too late.

Publish Your Blog into a Book: Guess what, many people do not feel comfortable to read blogs! They prefer classic elegant books. To reach these audience, you can publish your blog into a book with BlogCollector. And do not forget to print out one copy for Grandma.

It's easy, and it's FREE!: You can use the Lite version FREE of charge. Also you might want to upgrade to a higher version for more features.

BlogCollector® In Action: Your ideas, your stories, and your thoughts - Collected. Published. Disseminated.

Here, we have a blog:

With BlogCollector, you can publish it as a book. Click here for the result Professional version | other versions

BlogCollector® Blogger-friendly: Watch a Flash demo to find how easy it is.

BlogCollector® Technical Details

The table below illustrates the blog types and exported formats supported by the current version of BlogCollector:

Supported Blog TypesExport Formats
  • Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • RTF/MS Word Document*
  • HTML*

*Availability depends on the version.

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