Asprise OCR Property Summary

You use properties to control the OCR process. Below is summary of all properties supported:

General Properties

PropertyDescriptionValuesDefault value
PROP_PAGE_TYPE To provide hint to the OCR engine about the document type. If the input document is simple, use single_block. auto | single_block | single_column | single_line | single_word | single_char | scattered auto
PROP_LIMIT_TO_CHARSET Use it if the image contains only a limit set of characters, e.g, numbers. May significantly speed up the OCR process. e.g., '0123456789' (all characters)
PROP_OUTPUT_SEPARATE_WORDS By default OCR outputs line as blocks. Set to true to use word as block unit. true | false false
PROP_INPUT_PDF_DPI DPI for rendering input images if the input file is in PDF format. Change to a higher value if texts are small. e.g., 300, 350, 400 300

Dictionary Properties

PropertyDescriptionValuesDefault value
START_PROP_DICT_CUSTOM_DICT_FILE User defined dictionary (a text file with a word in each line) (null)
START_PROP_DICT_CUSTOM_TEMPLATES_FILE User defined templates (a text file with a tempate in each line) (null)
PROP_DICT_DICT_IMPORTANCE Percentage measuring the importance of the dictionary 0-100 10