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asprise_imaging_api Namespace

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Public classAspriseImaging
Represents an Asprise OCR engine. Read the developer's guide here.
Public classCapability
Represents a capability.
Public classCapValueContainer
Complex capability value container.
Public classCapValueEnumeration
Enumeration based capability value container.
Public classCapValueRange
Range based capability value container.
Public classDemoRecord
Represents a demo record.
Public classDemoUtils
Demo utilities.
Public classImageLayout
Image layout info such as frame, doc number and page number.
Public classImagingException
Imaging related exception.
Public classRequest
Represents a scan request.
Public classRequestOutputItem
Specifies an output target in a scan request.
Public classResult
Represents a scan result.
Public classResultImageItem
Info and metadata about the image scanned.
Public classResultImageItemImageInfo
Corresponding to TWAIN's TW_IMAGEINFO struct
Public classResultOutputItem
Represents an output item.
Public classSampleScanForm
Sample WinForm demostrating Asprise Scan functions.
Public classScanUtils
Scan related utility functions.
Public classSource
Represents a scanner device.
Public classTwainConstants
TWAIN contants.
Public classUploadSetting
Upload settings - url is the only mandatory parameter.