AspriseImaging Class
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AspriseImaging Class

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Represents an Asprise OCR engine. Read the developer's guide here.
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Namespace: asprise_imaging_api
Assembly: (in Version: (
public class AspriseImaging

The AspriseImaging type exposes the following members.

Public propertyStatic memberIs64BitProcess
Running in 64bit mode?
Public methodStatic memberaddToSystemPath
Adds the given directory to the PATH variable.
Public methodStatic memberCallFunc
Invokes a function
Public methodStatic memberconfigureNativeLogging
Configure logging settings.
Public methodEquals
Determines whether the specified Object is equal to the current Object.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodStatic membergetDll
Finds the asprise_imaging dll in system path or from bundle and return the path to the dll.
Public methodGetHashCode
Serves as a hash function for a particular type.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodStatic membergetImgDllName
The simple name of the imaging dll file.
Public methodStatic memberGetLibraryBuildInfo
Build info such as date.
Public methodStatic memberGetLibraryVersion
The library version.
Public methodGetSource
Retrieve the source info optionally with caps.
Public methodGetType
Gets the Type of the current instance.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodStatic membergetWindowHandle
Public methodStatic memberInputLicense
Input the license code
Public methodStatic memberisEmpty
return true if the given string is null or of lenght 0.
Public methodScan(String, String, Boolean, Boolean)
Performs scanning from a device and output (return, save, and/or upload).
Public methodScan(Request, String, Boolean, Boolean)
Performs scanning from a device and output (return, save, and/or upload).
Public methodScanAndReturnRaw
Performs scanning from a device and output result in JSON.
Public methodscanGetDefaultSourceName
Gets the name of the default source or null if none presents.
Public methodScanListSources
Lists all sources with names only.
Public methodScanListSources(Boolean, String, Boolean, Boolean)
Retrieve list of sources (i.e., devices) optionally with caps; the default source has "default" set to true.
Public methodScanListSourcesWithFullDetails
Retrieve list of sources (i.e., devices) with all capabilities; the default source has "default" set to true.
Public methodScanSelectDefaultSource
Prompts system device selection dialog for the user to select the default device.
Public methodToString
Returns a string that represents the current object.
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Public fieldStatic memberEXIF_NAME_Copyright
EXIF: Copyright
Public fieldStatic memberEXIF_NAME_DocumentName
EXIF: DocumentName
Public fieldStatic memberEXIF_NAME_EquipMake
EXIF: EquipMake
Public fieldStatic memberEXIF_NAME_EquipModel
EXIF: EquipModel
Public fieldStatic memberEXIF_NAME_ImageDescription
EXIF: ImageDescription
Public fieldStatic memberEXIF_NAME_UserComment
EXIF: UserComment
Public fieldStatic memberFORMAT_BMP
Bitmap image format
Public fieldStatic memberFORMAT_JPG
JPEG image format
Public fieldStatic memberFORMAT_PDF
Public fieldStatic memberFORMAT_PNG
PNG image format
Public fieldStatic memberFORMAT_TIF
TIFF image format
Public fieldStatic memberFUNC_buildInfo
Public fieldStatic memberFUNC_image_info
Public fieldStatic memberFUNC_image_output
Public fieldStatic memberFUNC_image_process
Public fieldStatic memberFUNC_twain_cap_get
Public fieldStatic memberFUNC_twain_cap_reset
Public fieldStatic memberFUNC_twain_cap_set
Public fieldStatic memberFUNC_twain_caps_print
Public fieldStatic memberFUNC_twain_caps_set
Public fieldStatic memberFUNC_twain_close_data_source
Public fieldStatic memberFUNC_twain_create_dummy_window
Public fieldStatic memberFUNC_twain_destroy_window
Public fieldStatic memberFUNC_twain_down_to_state_gracefully
Public fieldStatic memberFUNC_twain_get_default_source_name
Public fieldStatic memberFUNC_twain_get_source
Public fieldStatic memberFUNC_twain_get_state
Public fieldStatic memberFUNC_twain_is_loaded
Public fieldStatic memberFUNC_twain_list_sources
Public fieldStatic memberFUNC_twain_open_data_source
Public fieldStatic memberFUNC_twain_register_app
Public fieldStatic memberFUNC_twain_scan
Public fieldStatic memberFUNC_twain_select_default_source
Public fieldStatic memberFUNC_twain_source_manager_close
Public fieldStatic memberFUNC_twain_source_manager_open
Public fieldStatic memberFUNC_version
Public fieldStatic memberLOG_LEVEL_DEBUG
Log level: Debug
Public fieldStatic memberLOG_LEVEL_ERROR
Log level: Error
Public fieldStatic memberLOG_LEVEL_INFO
Log level: Info (Default)
Public fieldStatic memberLOG_LEVEL_OFF
Turn off logging
Public fieldStatic memberLOG_LEVEL_WARN
Log level: Warn
Public fieldStatic memberLOG_TO_STDERR
Log to standard error
Public fieldStatic memberLOG_TO_STDOUT
Log to standard output
Public fieldStatic memberOUTPUT_RETURN_BASE64
Return original image in base64
Public fieldStatic memberOUTPUT_RETURN_BASE64_THUMB
Return image thumbnail in base64
Public fieldStatic memberOUTPUT_RETURN_HANDLE
Return handle to original image
Public fieldStatic memberOUTPUT_RETURN_HANDLE_THUMB
Return handle to image thumbnail
Public fieldStatic memberOUTPUT_SAVE
Save original image to local disk
Public fieldStatic memberOUTPUT_SAVE_THUMB
Save image thumbnail to local disk
Public fieldStatic memberOUTPUT_UPLOAD
Upload original image
Public fieldStatic memberOUTPUT_UPLOAD_THUMB
Upload image thumbnail
Public fieldStatic memberTIFF_COMPRESSION_CCITT_G3
TIFF compression: G3
Public fieldStatic memberTIFF_COMPRESSION_CCITT_G4
TIFF compression: G4
Public fieldStatic memberTIFF_COMPRESSION_LZW
TIFF compression: LZW
Public fieldStatic memberTIFF_COMPRESSION_NONE
TIFF compression: NONE
Public fieldStatic memberTIFF_COMPRESSION_PACKBITS
TIFF compression: Packbits
Public fieldStatic memberTIFF_COMPRESSION_RLE
TIFF compression: RLE
Public fieldStatic memberTIFF_COMPRESSION_ZIP
TIFF compression: Zip
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